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This I Believe

I want to I say I believe you reap what you sow

But then I remember all those I know and have known

who have nothing to harvest when the time comes

because others are hoarding the seeds,

building walls

breaking tools

so the harvest is all theirs.

I want to say I believe justice will prevail

but I count the deaths

the murders

that have seen no indictments, no convictions

and justice seems far away.

I want to say I believe in democracy

but our democracy has always been

a carefully calculated balance

suppressing voices

stripping people of their humanity

based on the color of their skin.

I want to say I believe the arc of the universe is long

but it bends towards justice

but the arc is more a jumble, a knot

progress bent backwards and sideways

to preserve power and wealth

I want to say I believe January 6, 2021 was not who the United States is

but you reap what you sow

and our roots are buried deep in racism, entitlement, and violence.

I want to say this was unexpected

but voices have been crying out warnings,

only to be treated like Cassandra

I want to say I believe this will be a turning point

but I don't know which way it will turn

The GPS has been screaming

"recalculating, make a U-turn"

for thousands of miles,

it has become an inaudible buzz

This I believe

We are witnessing the fruits of sin

of idolatry, of lies, of envy

of hatred, of power abused

I want to say I believe we can find a better harvest

but the fruits of the spirits

are hard to find

amid the thorn bushes and invasive vines

and we have been too timid

too afraid of scratches

to do the harvest work needed

for love, peace, patience, faithfulness

for justice, for righteousness, for truth

This I believe

for too long we have neglected

the faithful harvest

May we repent.

May we tend the fields,

clear out what is sinful,

and cultivate the Spirit's gifts.

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This is so powerful, Sarah. I am forwarding to several friends on email.

Gefällt mir
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