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Welcome: A Poem


"Desirable guest"

Greet Gladly

Pleasure, choice

To come


Polite, friendly

Gladly received

New place, situation

Make to feel at ease



Regarded as good

Giving pleasure

Willingly permitted


We're welcoming!

...of who?

...of what?

...for how long?


Well come

on in then

if you must

here is who we are

it's best this way

we have placed

each thing

each person

in this comfortable arrangement.

Well come

on in

fit yourself in.

It looks like

this space

is vacant

and we could use

a token that

looks, lives, loves

like you do.


We'll come




you make a space

a corner

a box that fits

just right

cushioned for

our comfort.

We'll come


when you fold

into a shape

we remember,

when it is familiar

and predictable,

when we can find

our space

[our power] again.


Well come!

We desire your presence

just as you are.

We want to know you.

Let us put you

at ease.

Uncomfortable for us

is okay.

It is you

we gladly receive.


has its limits

cannot be universal

to welcome one

is to exclude another.

Is more than polite,

more than friendly.

Make a choice.

Clarity is kind.

Who do you welcome?

It isn't all.

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