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Picture of portion of desert labyrinth. Sandy ground with a semi circle line of rocks of various sizes piled together

Sarah, Seeking

Thoughts and Prayers and Poetry

A Prayer for Vulnerable Conversations

I originally wrote this for a friend for a specific moment and situation. After the fact, I realized it could be helpful before any number of vulnerable conversations. May this be our prayer for conversations that challenge us.

God of relationship and vulnerability, 

We pray for words and questions to rise to the surface.

Words that are clear,

expressing the longing, the despair, the doubts

that leave hearts breaking and thoughts confused

Make your presence known in the words spoken

and all that is left unsaid.

May their true understanding and intentions  

settle on open hearts, ready to receive them

We pray for conversation full of honest wisdom, 

enduring compassion, and helpful challenge. 

May the truth be shared and heard,

pain named and comforted, hope found and strengthened.

One conversation seldom sets clearly the future path,

but we pray this one will clear the brush

and point the way a little further down the path.

A reminder we do not walk alone. 


March 2020

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