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Vaccine Prayers

For the development of vaccines

God of wisdom,

We give you thanks for scientists and researchers,

for the foundation of science and discovery

upon which they build.

We give you thanks for volunteers

who make vaccine trials possible,

especially for their bravery and compassion.

We give thanks for data analysts,

who makes sense of numbers

and guide future progress.

We give thanks for those who fund vaccine development,

applying needed resources to the process

through their generosity and stewardship.

We give thanks to all who have gone unnamed

but whose work is no less integral.

Whether family members or low wage workers in the labs,

may their contribution be blessed.

As the work continues,

May all those who toil in this effort

be steadfast and blessed by your wisdom. Amen.

For the Waiting

We are not patient, O God.

We ware eager to declare this season over and done with,

but we must wait.

We wait for our turn.

We wait for bureaucracy to figure itself out.

We wait for websites to load

and doctors to call back.

We wait for shipments we can't track to arrive.

We wait for loved ones to get an appointment.

We are waiting for answers to so many questions.






We are waiting to make plans,

to gather again,

to travel,

to hug.

We are waiting for permission

to release anxiety caused by an unseen danger.

Wait with us O God.

Grant us patience.

Grant us fortitude for the waiting

and compassion for one another. Amen.

For Vaccine Shot #1

It has started, Holy One.

My body has begun,

through the miracle of biology and science,

to build a defense against this deadly virus.

Work inside me O God,

strengthening my immune response,

and protecting me from side effects.

Above all, Compassionate God,

continue to give me patience as I wait,

so I may have the resolve to act in the best interest of all. Amen.

For Vaccine Shot #2

Thank you God.

For the availability of this vaccine,

for the person who gave me this shot,

for all who made this possible.

Continue to work within me

as this wonderful body that you created

works alongside the vaccine

created by your beloved creations.

Remind me of this inner work of protection

if I find myself with side effects and discomfort.

May any such symptoms resolve quickly.

God, there is still a need for patience.

As I wait for the vaccine to do it's work,

as I wait for others to also be vaccinated,

as I wait for a time when our lives require less precautions.

As I wait, I am grateful. Amen.

For Difficult Feelings


God of Grace,

As I see pictures and posts,

As I hear of others getting appointments,

I feel the sting of jealousy.

I am struggling to celebrate,

even though each one vaccinated

is good news for all.

I wonder, "why not me?"

"Why them?"

"Who gets to decide?"

I feel anger at systems rising within me.

At red tape and unequal access,

at the waiting I must do.

Calm my soul and my spirit,

soothe this pang

and open my heart to joy for others. Amen.


God of Mercy,

There are times I struggle with guilt,

thinking about those who need this vaccine too

but have faced barriers of time, technology, access.

Clear a path, tear down the prejudices,

and bring up advocates for them.

May we remember, with compassionate hearts

all those who are too often forgotten,

based on nationality, location, resources, and more.

Make visible the peripheries

turn us away from ourselves

and inspire us to be the advocates

brought up by you for such a time as this. Amen.

January 26, 2021

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