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A Prayer for Places I Can't Be

A prayer I wrote for myself on a difficult day.

Expansive God,

Who fills the cracks where we cannot be,

who ensures no space is void or empty.

In the distance between,

breathe out healing.

Layer on blankets of comfort.

Create a buffer of time and space

from those stressors that encroach,

stealing away cope and control and choice.

May trust prevail,

knowing this is not permanent,

just a season, a day, an hour.

Prayers know no distance.

Send this one into the space where we cannot go.

Soothe our worries and strengthen our trust.

Layer blankets of comforts

on this side of the space

and shrink the feeling of chasms opening up.

Replace it with the protective cover of a chrysalis.

A reminder there are things we cannot do,

places we cannot go,

but you are there.

Grant us the peace to know that is enough.

Fill the cracks where we cannot be.

Leave no place empty of your presence. 


Sarah Kingsbery

April 29, 2020

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