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(Re-)Dedication of a Church Nursery

Recently, a friend and colleague was looking for liturgy to bless and dedicate their church nursery. The space had been redone after being being closed for 2+ years due to COVID. The litany was part of worship and so items from the nursery were used to represent the space.

Thank you to Allison for letting me write this for you and for providing the language used in the first congregational response!


The items before us, new and old, represent the space in our building set aside for the care and nurture of the youngest among us.

Today we bless our nursery , given new life after a fallow season, trusting God's presence and love will be known by all through the ministry of care it will offer.

We dedicate the nursery of First Christian to God, our nurturer and our teacher.


May all the children who enter in grow in curiosity, marvel with joy and laughter, and revel in the God of love.


We give thanks for those who will serve in the nursery.


May those who provide care model the love God, be blessed by the wonder of children, and know the support of this congregation.


We offer our welcome to all caregivers of children who will use this space.


May those who entrust children to these spaces and leaders experience it as an extension of God's love and find encouragement and support here.


We give thanks for those who labored and donated to create anew a safe and inviting nursery.


May we all continue to serve and give so all may know welcome, compassion, and love.


Note: the last phrase is designed to be edited to echo a congregation's vision or mission statement.

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