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Colored Prayer Part 2

While coloring and praying last weekend, there were parts of the picture too small for a name. This is what I prayed as I colored those sections...

God of edges, margins, and in-betweens

not just day and night,

but dawn and dusk.

Not just water and land,

but shore and marsh.*

God of precipices,

when falling over the edge

is a beautiful opportunity

for a new thing,

a new direction.

God of growth,

like leaves

may we bend ourselves towards you

and soak up the nourishing rays

of your love

God our rock,

sturdy and strong,

yet what we see,

just a small piece

of something larger.

God of rootedness,

even in shifting sands,

steady us in the wind

that bends us to and fro.

Bring us back to our center in you.

September 5, 2020


*I was introduced to this imagery by Austen Hartke

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