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A Prayer for When I am Called In

In the past few days especially, there has been an increase in awareness of the true impact of white supremacy and racial oppression in the United States. As we seek to be anti-racist in our words and in our actions, there will be times when we will make mistakes and others will correct us. This is part of the work. For those times when we are called in and asked to do things differently, let us pray.

For an explanation of being "called in" -


You have loved and called flawed people from the very beginning.

I have tried to be an advocate, an ally,

a co-conspirator for justice.

I made a mistake.

Like many, I want to be acknowledged for my work.

Instead others had to teach me more

and correct my efforts, my words, my actions.

In this moment

I feel shame, embarrassment, despair,

I am even angry. 

I admit I want to quit trying, to give up,

the work is too hard. 

Change my heart O God

Help me understand my mistake-

and help me change.

Give me courage to sit in this discomfort,

to continue to listen and learn and do the work.

My black siblings, my immigrant siblings, 

face dangers and pain

magnitudes greater than this shame I feel today.

Today I made a mistake.

I give thanks for those willing to call me in. 

More than my words,

may my actions reflect my commitment

to this work,

to doing better

to not stop trying

to have difficult conversations

to advocate for substantial and lasting change

Transform my shame and guilt

into useful energy

for the good of others.

With assurance of your forgiveness

and the chance to try again

I pray. 


June 1, 2020

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