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Blessing of the Technology: Holy Week

God of innovation,

You instilled in your creation

wisdom, creativity, and skill.

And with those gifts we created.

Developed technology, electronics and gadgets.

Tools we depend on to share your Gospel message.

This Holy Week we pray for these tools of our trade.

May copiers run smoothly,

unstopped by jams,

and with plenty of toner.

May phone lines stay connected, but quiet.

Redirect the calls of telemarketers

and still the fingers prepared to dial

just to complain.

May cameras and video recorders (whatever form they take)

know long battery life, clear focus, and high resolution.

May prerecorded worships, devotions and messages come together in one take.

May our computers not need critical updates.

May our autosave function remain on and

keep blue screens of death at bay.

May we know all the right shortcuts in our video editing software.

May our cloud storage be reliable and accessible

and our uploads speeds be fast.

May the websites we are depending on

to share your message this year

be free of service interruptions.

May our internet and cellular connections be strong

when it is time to go live,

whether we are proclaiming the death or the resurrection of Jesus.

May Zoom boomers and trolls

stay away from our holy online gatherings

and our livestream comment sections.

May sound systems be free of static and feedback.

May we all be muted when we should remain silent and

unmuted when we are called to speak.

Bless those who are using these wonders of technology.

Grant them wisdom for fast and accurate troubleshooting

and above average results.

And God, when either the technology

or its users fall short of perfection,

(which they will because they are not you)

may we all be full of grace,


The meal will be shared.

Jesus will be betrayed.

It will be finished.

And yet the tomb will be empty.

Whatever glitches, static, mishaps, lags, or failures,

we still will proclaim

He is risen.

He is risen indeed.

Until then God, bless the technology

and we who are depending on it.


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